Monday, November 26, 2007

But is he naked under his towel?

I have absolutely no street cred in this town, so in an effort to legitimize the site, I decided to tap into the resources of some of our local experts. And who better to chime-in on the eccentricities of our fair city than Kelly Monaghan, author of "The Other Orlando" books and blog!

This guy has seen it all when it comes to tacky fabulous Orlando. It took some work locating Kelly, but eventually, I tracked him down under the Hulk attraction at Universal with a notebook in one hand and a half-naked Homer Simpson toy in the other.

With that said, Kelly's pick for "favorite cheesy Orlando souvenir" is the Homer talking doll, available at Kwik-E-Mart in Universal. He's wearing only a towel (Homer, not Kelly), and if you squeeze his hand (because who doesn't squeeze the hand of a guy clad only in a towel?), Mr. Simpson goes into a little routine of his favorite catchphrases, including a rendition of "Macho Man."

Having seen the Simpsons movie (and Bart's genitalia) this summer, I was tempted to ask if Homer is also anatomically correct, but we'll save that tidbit for a future blog. I must say, though, looking at the doll on the right side in the picture, somebody tried to peek.

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