Friday, November 30, 2007

Central Florida's Melting Pot - The Community of Celebration has Families from New York AND Ohio!

I love watching couples ride tandem bicycles and I hate litter, so as far as “master planned communities” go, Celebration is the bomb diggity.

You can always take a tour of Celebration's Town Hall if you tire of roller coasters and character breakfasts, but for the sake of those whose lives get busy this time of year, I'll give you the Cliff Note version of what you'll find at Celebration: According to Wikipedia, 94% of the population is white, although they do have residents from "all over the country,” including New York, Michigan and Ohio - which makes them pretty diverse, right? There is one gay guy there, too, but he bills himself, simply, "metrosexual" claiming to have an ex-girlfriend in the Niagara Falls area. There are eight senior citizens in Celebration and no single parent families. The women of Celebration aren't allowed to wear shorts above the knee or vote.

Celebration's Dirty Little Secret
One time in the spring of 2004, a man in the “North Village Sector” (Celebration ghetto), used a curse word when he accidentally knocked over a garbage can in his driveway. Subsequently shunned by his neighbors, the man moved out of the community and out of Central Florida two months later.

Rich in History, Too!
Interestingly enough, according to the Celebration website, they have a "History Center" there, which is both impressive and tacky fabulous, seeing as they how they broke ground for the first home in 1996. Don’t you think, perhaps, we should give the town a little time to breathe before getting all nostalgic? Maybe get a few “Founder’s Day Picnics” under the belt, first? I mean, is anyone really talking about the good old days when Celebration was first developed and people used to go to see movies in theaters and heat their food in microwaves?

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Tandem Bicycles - Tandems (Tandeming) is great fun, cant wait to get out on mine again