Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does seafood have to be refrigerated?

This one is a mystery. Is it truly a restaurant or has someone taken a page from the Disney "faux international experience" and created a facade designed to look "London-restauranty"? I'm not up on my British architecture. Is this what their eateries look like?

The fact that the proprietors (with a lot of extra color-coded letters) managed to include F-C-U-K in the name tells me somebody's making a funny.

Is it possible they were able to secure a license from the Orange County Board of Health to sell almond-crusted Halibut? Don't get me wrong, in my college days, that place would have equated to some good post-2am eating...and probably no worse than the plastic coated ham I once watched my drunk boyfriend devour (yes, with the plastic on), but still, I'm not going to this place for my birthday dinner...well, maybe, if it's 2-for-1. After all, the place across the street has a $10 buffett.

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