Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's so hard to find a good Orange & Green Hotel anymore

I have this sick fantasy that a hip couple named Piper and Trevor Van Orden from Soho have to book a trip to Orlando for a cool people convention, but they wait too long to make their reservations and there is only one room left in town - at a place called the Nick Hotel. Sounds pretty chic, right? Maybe it's owned by Nick Faldo, after all, he's a golfer, and lots of golfers chill in Orlando. But, it's a Holiday Inn. Hmmm. The Van Orden's typically don't do Holiday Inns, but they have to weigh that against the fact that Puff Daddy is slated to be the keynote speaker at the cool people convention. Ultimately, the Van Orden's decide to forge ahead, thinking "at least every room has a suite..."

They arrive in Orlando on an evening flight, which is when all the cool people arrive. They hop into their convertible rental car, and as they exit off I-4 in the dark of the night, they see something glowing, miles in the distance. It's a fluorescent green color. Could it be a meteor? A nuclear explosion? As they get closer, they see a building in the exact location where their "resort" is supposed to be. On the side of the hotel is the painted image of an enormous, smiling sponge, and it's wearing square pants...

Each suite also has an in-room coffee maker. Pretty cool.

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