Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Name Game

If you've ever driven down International Drive, you can just feel the marketing energy. Everything from branding to signage (and spelling) reeks tacky fabulous. I believe there is anordinance in town that forces each gift shop within Orlando city limits to have a name that starts with either an outlandishly high number (like 1000) or the word "Bargain." For example, "1000 Shirts Low Price" or "Bargains Here for You."

This place decided to venture out a bit with the name "Best Prices Gift Shop," but that's probably because they had the benefit of high-powered NY ad agencies, focus groups and annoying telemarketing calls.

Not only is the name great, but the shark attacking the fish on the building is a nice touch. It just screams "best prices." When you think angry shark, you think savings. At least I do, and I'm no different from most consumers.

Oh, and look at that! We have a new T-shirt record low price. DING DING DING - WOO HOO!

6 for $9.95. That's 1.6583333 per shirt. Sweet! And if that's not enough for ya, run next store and enjoy 10 entrees for $10.

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