Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Old Postcard "Funny-HaHa"

You have to wonder if somebody has made money off this, and if so, how much?

Granted, we do tend to profit from tragedy here in Orlando. I've felt guilty from time-to-time about putting my kids on rides that simulate natural disasters, like the popular Twister and Earthquake attractions at Universal. When they start to look a little scared and give me that, "Do we HAVE to" look, I can only respond with, "Come on kids, it'll be fun!" I mean really, what's not fun about flames and the thought of the ground opening up and swallowing you as you scream for mercy?

So, it only stands to reason, the shark attack postcard would be an obvious fit for Orlando.

"Hey kids, look at this one, it's a shark attack postcard...and check it out! The guy is maimed! See all that blood?"
Tacky? Yes! Fabulous? Not so much...

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