Thursday, November 29, 2007

A public service announcement brought to you by the State of Florida...

Passive-aggressive signs are, indeed, protected by the First Amendment.

That's the big news from Satellite Beach. I know, I's not Orlando, but pack up the kiddies and the family truckster, and take the 45 minute drive east. It’s really worth it for a glimpse of this Tacky Fabulous sign (it also offers a great educational opportunity for the little ones. They'll get to observe Constitutional law in action, Florida-style).

Here’s how the whole thing went down: In July, for whatever reason, "Paranoid Neighbor A" installed security cameras on his property, pointing in direction of "Passive-Aggressive Neighbor B."

"Passive Aggressive Neighbor B" retaliated with an "I'll give you something to look at" message that Local 6 WKMG described as a “homemade toilet sign”. (“Homemade” because the customized toilet signs you buy in local stores are always incredibly overpriced).
"Paranoid Neighbor A" then sensed a code violation and filed a complaint. Brevard County Code Enforcement officials inspected the toilet seat and determined it “protected by the laws of free speech.”

Armed with the wisdom of our founding fathers, "Passive Aggressive Neighbor B" upped the ante this week by posting a new sign. Behold:
It's a butt. Plastic. It's captioned with the phrase, "Thinking of you." I love it because it epitomizes Tacky Fabulous. I want to talk with designer about making a lower-priced knock-off version available here, as an exclusive item.

One last thing: I don’t know anything about the demographics of the people involved, but I’d bet my last dollar they are in the early-bird-special/matinee-watching/black-calf-socks-wearing category. Know what I mean?

(P.S. Thanks for the pix Local 6)

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