Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What do you got against Steak and Shake, buddy?

Here in Central Florida, we give you one chance to make things right before we open a can of whoop-ass on you and launch an all-out assault, so consider yourself warned.

Case in point:

Don't even try to clutter up our strip-mall-riddled, car-dealership-overloaded, bar-dotted roads with something so unsightly as a billboard. We're all about being green here, says Dan Bellows. He owns a bunch of land near Tom and Jerry's Lounge on 17-92 in Winter Park. Dan's sick of having to look out at an otherwise picturesque bar-parking-lot scene, and see a billboard for Steak and Shake. (Although, there's nothing to hate about that new Black Peppercorn Bacon burger...Yum!)

In this world, there are those who sit around and bitch and there are those who fight for the betterment of all mankind - and in the words of the Orlando Sentinel, "Dan Bellows is a man of action." He does have his name to live up to, after all, and as anyone with Steak & Shake's Outdoor Advertising Department can tell you, "When he asks, he bellows."

Noteworthy: When Dan the Man plants trees, he doesn't plant just any old palms - he chooses the 37-foot variety! Dan, I love you, but I've always thought guys who plant such big trees might be overcompensating for something, ya know?

As an unbiased outsider, I must say that Dan gets the win on this one. I'm told he's completed a similar environmental project just down Lee Road.

Things are starting to look pretty eco-friendly there already!


Anonymous said...

wonder how it feels to get sued by CC?

Tacky Fabulous said...

You are in for a very big surprise! I can hardly wait!