Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What, no butt statue?

Before I even get to the details of this story, I've gotta tell you, I love this guy's name. Bennie Guy Ellis, Jr. Everything about it is just right for Central Florida.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, because if you live in Orlando, it's "same story/different dude." 80 year-old Bennie Guy Ellis, Jr. has a hard time parting with his stuff - particularly random pieces of metal and nine cars, which he proudly displays on his front lawn. (Yes, of course there is a pick-up and a flatbed, silly!)

As you might imagine, he's accrued some fines with the city of Winter Park. About $800,000 worth. If you're thinking of trying this at home, you 'd better be dedicated to the cause, after all, it took a lot of effort on Bennie Guy Ellis, Jr's part - 10 years of work, to be specific.

Bennie Guy Ellis Jr. says, "the city just doesn't like me." Bennie Guy Ellis Jr.'s attorney says, "He's an entrepreneur. An independent guy." The hearing got underway today in Orange County.

Now, I don't want to say he's not doing it right, but he's no Alan Wayne Davis (aka "The Most Annoying Neighbor") who's doing prison time for his "criminal littering issues". Davis' lawn art was much more artistic, though - including a statue of a butt, garbage cans on the roof, and airplane fuselage.

In Bennie Guy Ellis Jr's favor: He looks like Santa, and tomorrow officially kicks off the holiday season.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

(photos courtesy of Orlando Sentinel & WKMG Local 6)

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