Friday, November 23, 2007

Hey Y'all, I'm fixin to lead the parade in New York City!

Clearly, someone at Macy's has an appreciation for Tacky Fabulous, just like we do. Our girl Dolly led the Thanksgiving parade yesterday. Her dress had leaves attached to it. It's a fall fashion statement, and if you don't understand that, I'm not going to even attempt to explain it to you. I'm working on my own knock-off version of it at home right now. In winter, you can replace the leaves with paper snowflakes, and in spring, flowers. Then for summertime, use seashells. If all goes well, I'm hoping it will be one of Oprah's Favorite things in 2008.

Let's go to the Brits for their take on Dolly's look: According to the caption for this pic from Hello Magazine, "Singer Dolly Parton adds a country touch to the parade." Dang right, she do!

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