Friday, November 23, 2007

Why do fools fall in love...with lamb curry?

Have you ever traveled to an exotic location only to find you can't get your favorite food? That will never happen when you're in Orlando. Although the staple of our diet is chicken fingers, there are plenty of other international favorites. Let's say, hypothetically, you're craving"India Diner" food (who doesn't? After all, the people of India are known for their diners), well we've got it here in O-town! And like all great diners indigenous to India, the restaurant is shaped like a jukebox boasting your favorite India Doo-Wop Diner tunes, from "The Twist" to "Unchained Melody." It's almost like being in New Delhi.


ryanprice said...

Hey there Mr. "I watermark all my photos", you should try putting addresses or geotags for some of these locations. I think they're funny, but how about some Google Maps?

Also, what do you think you're doing? The rest of the world thinks all we have here is cars with lobsters and random crap like that, but we have lots more. I haven't seen any pictures so far that didn't refer to I-drive and Kissimmee. The rest of Orlando doesn't resemble that armpit.

I'm actually not mad at you, but what's the deal?

I wish you much success. Let's get in touch sometime - you should come to PodCamp.

Tacky Fabulous said...
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