Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho Ho Ho - Take Your McNuggets "To-Go"

Ever wonder how Men's Health Magazine came to the conclusion that Orlando is the angriest city in the nation?

Exhibit 142a:

Somebody is not in the happy holiday spirit at the McDonald's on Silver Star Road. According to a story from WFTV, that "somebody" hung a sign on the door informing anyone who attends Evans High School, "You will not be allowed to stay in the restaurant. Thank you for your cooperation!"

Passive Aggressive Translator: Our most sincere gratitude for your purchase, now kindly GET THE HELL OUT. Enjoy your day (elsewhere)!

After being confronted by the WFTV Investigative Team (it's a slow news week), the McDonald's manager responded with, "Wha? Wasn't me."

Student Laverne Higgins gave us all something to think about, though, with her quote to the press: "I ain't one of those kids. Everybody ain't the same, so yeah, I be kinda mad, too."

Tru Dat, girl!

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