Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Think We Hold the World's Record for World's Records

Central Florida is home to the “biggest, fastest, longest, loudest, heaviest, and tallest” of just about everything. In a somewhat ironic twist, the Guinness World Records Experience attraction only had a 2 year-run in Orlando, but on the bright side, we’ll forever be known for these accomplishments:

The World’s first Olive Garden restaurant, the largest photo album, and the person who has juggled the most objects at once. We are home to the record for fastest drumming, furthest distance thrown in a car accident (118 feet – he lived!), the fastest time for carving a face into a pumpkin, the largest numismatic auction, (over 77 million dollars in coins – silly me, I thought numismatists were people with bad allergies!), most tater tots consumed in 5 minutes (250) and the world’s largest stormwater pollution prevention convention (mark your calendars - that rowdy crowd will be in Orlando in August 2008).

On a sad note, we cannot boast the world’s largest kazoo band, however, we can proudly say we are home to the man who discovered the largest known prime number (It’s 895,932 digits long – perhaps you want to double check his work for accuracy).

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Anonymous said...

At one time, we had the World's Largest Board proped up agains Mills Nebraska Lumber. After a while the city made them take the sign of of it, and now it's disappeard.

mimi said...

Jones High School built the World's Largest Box of Popcorn in 1990! ( can look that one up!)