Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the words of the Grinch, "Pucker-Up and Kiss It, Who-ville!"

Last week, Orange County Sheriff's officers dressed-up as elves and gave out 150 speeding tickets in two hours. It was part of the department's "Operation ELF" (Enforcing Limits and Fining)

For St. Patrick's Day, it was a leprechaun. On 4th of July, they unleashed Uncle Sam - who nabbed hundreds of speeders.

The Grinch had a pretty good run yesterday, giving out one ticket per minute.

Just as a tip-off, though, so you're prepared for the next one: I hear there's talk of dressing up Sheriff Kevin Beary as Cupid for a Valentine's Day sting. Shhh...

(photos courtesy of Local 6 WKMG)

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