Monday, December 31, 2007

Lights out and nightie night for the Knights...

Mike emailed to ask why I didn't mention anything about the Knights. I guess, like everybody else here, I'm trying to forget about Saturday's game against Mississippi.

I have to admit, I did contract Knight fever this year. I know, I know...I'm a fair-weather fan, jumping on board in a season when UCF had a record 11 wins (7 consecutive!) with games held in a plush new stadium.

I went to the Ragin Cajun game with my neighbors, Jeff and Mary who are the biggest UCF fans ever - in fact, they are still in Memphis at this very moment, recovering from the Liberty Bowl. Jeff and Mary haven't' taken a break from tailgating since graduating in the late 80's. They hit it hard with their fellow alums in the parking lot of Brighthouse Stadium - section F7. This group is all about EXTREME tailgating...even the food is themed around that day's match-up (it was a seafood boil for the game against Louisiana and I really enjoyed the "Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog Bites" for the Mempis game). Their group doesn't do paper plates, aluminum foil or ziploc bags. They drink a lot of Michelob (Light!). On the day I tagged along, we got there at 9am and left at 10pm. By the way, did I mention Tom and Stacey McNamara and their 43 foot Black & Gold RV? No joke.
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