Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Orlando is the only city where people pay to see ice!

Ice storms in Boston...FREE

Icicles in Kissimmee...$20
On the positive side, there is no window scraping involved at the ICE attraction in the Gaylord Palms Resort. Plus, you don't have to bring a parka - they'll let you use one of theirs - and since it's only 9 degrees inside, it's not likely the fat guy ahead of you sweat it up too much.

If you don't feel like forking over $60 for the whole family to experience this little Winter Wonderland, it's simple enough to re-create on your own. Just round-up 40 guys from Harbin, China, to hand carve the ice. Oh, and speaking of ice, make sure to order enough because Publix tends to run out. Gaylord Palms gets theirs from a factory in Cairo, Georgia that ships to Kissimmee in a refrigerated semi. You'll need roughly 5 million pounds.

On the downside, the official ICE website does address the "can I lick the ice?" question. The answer is no. Side note: Would you really want to?

photo courtesy WHDH Boston & Orlando Sentinel

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