Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Smells Like BenGay

Thanks to Jason for tipping me off to this tacky fabulous Orlando event. How is it that I had never before heard of (or got an invite to) Grandma Party?

The Grandma Party Bazaar is a semi annual gala that takes place in the parking lot of Stardust Coffee and Video. The last one happened on December 14th.

At this shindig, everybody is a vendor for the day! Whether you’ve got a knack for creating decorative vinyl donuts, edible magnets, or even pipe cleaner art, you can set up a card table and sell your wares at the Grandma Party. According to their event listing, they’ve got musicians, videographers, art installationists, farmers, hair stylists, and lots of other "ists" who hang out eating soy dogs and drinking lemonade. True to the event’s name, there are real live Grandmas there, along with a special section for rocking chairs, and a 3-foot Grandma pinata.

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