Friday, December 21, 2007

This is not NASA's newest astronaut...

This is Central Florida resident Walter Barrett. He's dedicated to finding new and creative ways to avoid facing the judge. This morning, Volusia County corrections officers went to take him from his cell to bring him into the courtroom for sentencing related to a violent home invasion conviction. Whereas Ghandi chose to protest via a hunger strike and John Lennon was known to speak his mind through lyrics and music, Walter Barrett is a bit more unconventional.

He covers himself in feces. Oh, and he throws it at people too.

(Insert your own "Gag Order" joke here)

So, what you see above is the Central Florida gear specifically designed to help law enforcement combat that sort of thing. It's much more intriciately engineered than it looks, but to the untrained observer, it appears to be a washcloth stuffed in Barrett's mouth with a plastic bag over his head.

photos courtesy of WFTV

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