Thursday, December 20, 2007

Would you like some fries with that gator?

Do you have about an hour? That's how long it could take me to list all the reasons I love the Black Hammock Restaurant. If you've got out-of-town guests, this is an Orlando "must-see."

For time's sake, here's an abbreviated list of everything tacky fab at the Black Hammock:

*The menu: It's hard enough to pick between the Frog's Legs and the Catfish Nuggets, but when you factor in the "Gator Corner" section of the menu with the Aligator Bites (blackened or Cajun), things really spin out of control. Don't rule out the Swamp and Turf with grits on the side.

*Dining with Entertainment: Sure, they offer live music, but I am much more excited by the fact that our waitress brought a real, live baby gator to our table. It's a step above those high end steakhouses, where they would never take the time to parade a cow through the dining room.

*Post-Dining Options: Take an airboat ride on Lake Jessup or go out back to visit Hammy, the resident 35-year old, 12-foot, 650-pound gator. Get your pic with him ($3 if you have your own camera, or $5 if you want them to give you the fancy paper-framed keepsake). For a real treat, watch Hammy get fed on Sunday afternoons. The young-in's will love it.

*Sleep-over: All the hotels booked up? Concerned about Florida's strict DUI laws? If you've had a few too many, you can always take advantage of the camping facilities at the Black Hammock. Go for dinner, but stay for the weekend!

*Special Events: They can even pretty-it-up for weddings, bar mitzvahs and anniversary parties.

(photos courtesy of Black Hammock)

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