Thursday, January 10, 2008

But can you barf a Monet?

Nothing says Sunday quite like church, brunch and pictures of puke!

This Sunday's "only in Orlando" event is brought to you by the Back Booth Bar downtown. It's called "Super Happy Fun Time." Let's all sync our watches because the "vomit art" exhibit opens at 6pm.

If you're not sold on the idea, let me add a little somethin-somethin' to the mix: According to the listing in the Orlando Weekly, the event will feature "bathroom audio installations of pre-recorded conversations, bowels and heaving." Not normally my idea of entertainment, and I'm not even sure what it means, but isn't it about time we all started thinking beyond the theme parks?

Keep in mind folks, culture doesn't come easy or free in Orlando, so this experience is gonna cost you three hard earned bucks.

photo courtesy of katharine tillman:

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