Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gone, but not forgotten...

I still find myself thinking about it all the time - with the Christmas tree that stayed up year-round...the beers served in Mason jars...the walls decorated in shirts, name tags, and foreign money...and the military ambulance/watchtower out front.

RIP, Big Bamboo Lounge in Kissimmee.

"The Boo" was the best bar in Central Florida, if not the world. When I was living in Orlando for my stint with the Disney College Program, it was THE place to go for an after-work drink. I celebrated my 21st birthday there...I made out with my boss in the parking lot there...and I think I might have tinkled behind my car because the bathrooms weren't working. (By the way, that was all in the same night).

In later years, The Big Bamboo went high-tech, adding a TV that got 2 channels. They served beer nuts and chips, and the bartenders would let you order-in pizza if you got really hungry. It was a great place for a pick-up game of chess or Trivial Pursuit. They didn't take credit cards. There was no air-conditioning.

It opened in 1977, suffered severe damage in the hurricanes of 2004, and died after a fire in 2005. I think it's a Publix grocery store now.

(photos courtesy of the Big Bamboo fansite and the Big Bamboo's myspace page)


Mr. Mai Tai said...

I was there the night 500 pound Samoan man took of his custom made Samoan underwear and stapled it to the ceiling. You could have fit three people in each of the leg holes.

Tony Wheeler said...

The Boo. What a great joint! Tacky Fabulous is probably the best way to describe that place!