Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Is he a pimp?

Tell me, please, is someone who deals in "Lust Cash Transactions" the same thing as a "Love Broker?" A trader of sexual commodities? A merchant of passion? The liaison for copulative relations? A commissioner of sinful delight?

This biz, ironically, is located on Mills Avenue, right near your friends who have crabs.


Anonymous said...

This guy has been selling mechanical cash registers and typewrites since before I got here in 82. I always wonders how he survived. The guy wouldn't sell out to the group that bought the Mills Nebraska site, but now its listed as "for sale - out parcel."

Any Idea on what happened to the "worlds Largest Board" which was proped infront of MB for years until the city made them take it down?

Paul said...

I heard that the guy is selling for a ridiculous amount of money, and won't budget for anything less. I admire his plucky spirit, as anything that keeps Mills from becoming another Winter Park Village is wonderful.