Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a state of emergency, y'all!

Wildfires? Nope. Hurricane? Nah. Tornado? Nada.

Temperatures in the low 20's tonight...Duck! Run! Take Cover, says Governor Crist.

Thanks to Brighthouse 13 for the tips on recognizing hypothermia, tips for recognizing hypothermia in canines and felines, tips for recognizing hypothermia in senior citizens, advice for dressing in cold weather ("Tip #1: wear a hat"), space heater safety advice, a reminder to clean the chimney, and a video titled, "Preparing for the Worst."

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Jason said...

Wow, way to freak out about winter, Channel 13. And I had no idea that the Orlando Fire Department had a personal vendetta against Christmas trees. I mean sure, it's over, but I don't think throwing the poor thing out into the cold is the right thing to do.

This is just another example of anti-conifer behavior that has run rampant in this part of the state for far too long. They may not have leaves like the mighty Oak, or laxative-laden fruits like Palms, but evergreens are trees too. And behind their piney exterior is a heart of sap and gold. How do you think they feel when they're tossed on the side of the road like so many bottles of beer along interstate 4?

It's been called a victim-less crime. It's been called a sign of the times. Now it's time to call it what it really is; prejudice.

Fight for conifer's rights. Contact your congress-person today.