Monday, January 7, 2008

Live like royalty!

Who better to pick the most tacky fabulous place to stay in Orlando than Len Testa, co-author of "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World"? Len brings this to the table:

It's the Magic Castle Inn on 192 in Kissimmee. On the plus side, rates start at $39 and they usually have rooms available. On the downside, this fortress is right next door to Harry's House of Helitours, so the din of not-so-distant choppers makes it tough to grab a nap or a romantic afternoon quickie.

Back to the plus column - a very jovial staff. When Len asked if the pool was heated, the person at the front desk responded with "Yes, by the sun." She gets a lot of mileage out of that joke, I presume.

In the negative column - The castle is know...purple.

They do have a website, but I want to remind you that things (and people) always look better in online profiles, so don't get too worked up about the Magic Castle Inn, based on what you see here. This is the photo they've posted on their site to give you an idea of what their toilets look like. I have to say, they do look a lot like the bathrooms you find in all the best castles in Europe. The bidet is just out of view in this shot.

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