Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Move over Family Man, there's a new fat guy in town...and he's hairy.

I think somebody's been to the Family Auto Mart's ad agency, because I see an Orlando automotive marketing strategy that looks pretty familiar. Let's go to the videotape:

Zany spokesperson - Check! Ladies and gentlemen - I present "The Big Diggler"

Clever Motto - Check! "Junk in the Trunk" (or is that the name of the business?)

Uncomfortable Dance - Check! Enjoy it here.

"Unbelievable, never-before-seen specials!!!" - Check! In fact, I just saw a spot for a "Back to School" sale yesterday - January 14. The lack of fresh content must have something to do with the writer's strike - everybody's suffering, even the Big Diggler.
Late night TV show - Check! (Am I the only person in this town who doesn't have a TV show?)

So now I ask you, Orlando business owners, how ya gonna top this?

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