Saturday, January 5, 2008

The only thing better than a Whiskey River in Kissimmee is a Lake of Vodka in St. Cloud

After waxing nostalgic last week about the Big Bamboo Lounge, I heard from several people who tipped me off to a new place down the road from the fomer Boo that's home to a whole lot of redneck fun. It's called "Whiskey River."

I wasn't really convinced until I visited their website, but now I have to admit, it does seem to have all the necessary components for a tacky fabulous bar: It's in a motel...they've got karaoke...and a stripper pole. I also like the fact that they've posted all the details about their upcoming Christmas party (today is January 5)...only one person has signed the guest book...and their photo page of "regulars" includes a woman holding a sleeping baby.

Count me in!

photo #2 courtesy of Whiskey River

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Jake said...

PBR on me all night.