Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold Case Files - Orlando Mystery #1274: Lee's Leg Brace

It's the one question I'm asked more than any other..."What's with Lee the Appliance Direct Lady's leg brace?" People have a hard time figuring out:

a) why, after all these years, she hasn't gone to see an orthopedic surgeon.

b) why she doesn't take off the brace for the Appliance Direct TV commercials. Some have argued it doesn't make a good accessory to the green plaid jumper OR the green plaid pantsuit. I disagree, but for the sake of investigative reporting, I got the scoop from the mistress of microwaves via her myspace fan site...

Lee injured her leg while running, so she had it on for the first commercial. Focus groups responded so well that she kept it. Now, years later, the leg has healed, but the brace stays. It's marketing genius at work. I'm sure John Lennon didn't need to wear glasses, but do you think the Beatles would have sold all those records if he had contact lenses? Just something to think about.

In the meantime , if you need more appliance fun, check out Sam rubbing bleach on his face and getting all Wakki NuNu (the good stuff kicks-in at 1:05).

This case is now officially closed.

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Andy said...

If she went to Florida Hospital for her injury, she PAID TOO MUCH!