Sunday, January 20, 2008

Orlando's Tacky Fabulous Award for Good Sportsmanship.

You've really got to like chicken nuggets a lot to camp out overnight in order to win them. That's how it went down at the new Chick Fil-A in Winter Garden where the first 100 people scored a "one free meal every week for a year" coupon. Orlando's chicken lovers came out in droves.

They brought tents.

It rained.

But poultry lovers are a dedicated and powerful force in Central Florida. They let nothing stand in their way.

David Holland was guest #101. You'd probably expect that with his terrible misfortune, he would have lashed out at the WESH reporter who asked for his reaction to not landing a coupon....and David's response would be something like, "Hey Chick Fil-A-holes, thanks for nothing! I could have been watching Appliance Direct infomercials in the comfort of my own home for the past 24 hours."

Instead, David Holland replied politely, "The first 100 customers on this beautiful morning received free Chick-Fil-A. I was not one of them, but I still had a good time sleeping in the rain."

David Holland is the epitome of Orlando class.
(except for that part about sleeping in a tent in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant).

photo couresty of WFTV.


Kyle said...

I was one of the 8 people in that big tent toward the right. And while the tent broke in two places from the wind; and the rain seeped in from the top, sides, and bottom; and though I only got 1 hour of sleep, during which I was splashed with water in my face every couple of minutes; and though 8 of us were crammed into the thing--it was well worth it. Yay free food!

Tacky Fabulous said...

That is awesome Kyle! I don't know if you are on some sort of VIP email list that goes out when a new fast food joint opens, but you must include me in the fun next time!!