Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our tax collector loves money almost as much as he loves quotation marks!

I realize this is a very Seinfeldian topic, but "what's with all the quotation marks?"

I was able to get past the punctuation faux pas, though, when I saw the part about a "more than you would imagine" website. I mean, I've got a pretty good imagination, so I started considering all the possibilities - maybe there were pictures posted of famous people who've filed their taxes in Seminole County (including "Larry the Cable Guy" and Cooter from "Dukes of Hazzard"). Perhaps there were forums with gossip about elected officials and hopefully there were crazy photos of the Tax Collector's holiday party - what if things got so out of control that by the end of the night, Ray Valdes, "1999's Tax Collector of the Year" ended up in an outfit like this?

I RACED back to my house, soooo excited about jumping on the computer to see what this exciting thing was...the thing that promised to be better than a tax collector partially donned in leather.

Not to spoil it for you, too, but the "Seminole County More Than You Can Imagine" website is a total let-down. Instead of pictures of DMV workers giving lap dances, there are applications for hunting and fishing licenses alongside information on the discretionary sales surtax.

"I'm disappointed."

"Very disappointed"

You can quote me on that.

photo courtesy of the Parliment House

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