Saturday, January 5, 2008

Receiving more accolades than the latest Coppola flick...

Rob sent me an email me that contained just three simple words...words that conjure up incredible images in the minds of all Central Floridians.


I was trying to figure out how to describe these guys, for those of you who aren't in the Orlando TV viewing area and haven't been lucky enough to bear witness to the owner being harnessed to the front of a sleigh during the holiday season. Suffice it to say, the brothers from Family Auto Mart are a visual product, best enjoyed on a late night bender.

Fortunately, their website is as tacky fabulous as their TV spots.

OK, so where to begin?

They have merchandise, a fan club (with photos from an autograph signing), a CD, a bio that reads longer than War and Peace (without a spell-checker), an instructional video (so you can do the "Family Man Dance" at home), and a great motto which is clearly the work of a fancy ad agency ("Kiss me in Kissimmee!"). Oh, and I think they sell cars, too.
In a style that can only be described as "the Family Man writing in the third person," the history of Family Auto Mart is chronicled in one looooooong page with phrases like, "in his wisdom, the Family Man knew..." and "everyone wants to know how he did it, how he came up with all the hilarious ideas!"


"His different ideas for TV and print advertising gave the Family Man notoriety and fame, not only in Melbourne or Central Florida, but also in the entire country"..."the response was phenomenal"..."cult following"..."fame"..."hilarious"..."shaping the future for this thriving business"..."made it what it is today"..."legendary"

The 30 minute infomercials are described as "The most exciting half-hour on television!" You decide


Anonymous said...

Who has a better dance? Family Auto Mart or
Flea Mall Montgomery

Anonymous said...

Tough competition, but my vote is for the Flea Market Montgomery (link above)--it's just like a mini mall!! Family Auto Mart is a close second, however...ha ha ha

Jezzikuh said...

I went to Montgomery, Alabama last summer and met Sammy Stevens of "Mini Mall" fame. He made my friend and I sit awkwardly beside him in his office as he showed us EACH and EVERY video that has ever been posted of him on YouTube (and he did that damn dance, like, forty times).

Glorious. I REALLY expect that meeting the Family Auto Mart guy would be no different.

Tacky Fabulous said...

I think you're right - that Flea Market Montgomery guy takes the cake. In fact, he makes the Family Auto Mart guy seem so...normal!