Friday, January 25, 2008

Ripped from the headlines: "Witnesses said he is a 'no underwear' man"

Thursday night's entertainment on the outskirts of Orlando came free of charge, courtesy of bail bondsman Rico Reed.

The redneck fun began with Reed cornering his perp in downtown Winter Haven - which led to a scuffle that wrapped up with 3 cars totalled and one guy bare-ass naked.

This guy:

According to the story in the Ledger, the whole thing played out like an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, but what really makes it an interesting read are the quotes from witnesses, like this one:

"You see this naked guy getting the crap beat out of him. In a strange way, it was kind of funny."

"Kind of funny"? Don't be such a tough audience! Add a case of Milwaukee's Best and a bonfire and it's the most fun you can have on a weeknight in Polk County.

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