Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Want to see Lucky Meisenheimer "pop the clutch", yo?

Has it really been 4 days since we set a world record in Orlando? Slow week, I guess.

Fortunately, there is the most fabtackulous event scheduled for Saturday at Heritage Square. This is for the coveted title of "most people simultaneously yo-yo'ing in the same place at the same time."

It's hard to imagine it could get any better than that, right? WRONG! Because Lucky Meisenheimer is going to be there. Yes, THE Lucky Meisenheimer - the Guinness World Record holder for the largest yo-yo collection. Don't be surprised if Will Ferrell is there, as well, because this gala has all the trappings of a really great movie about extreme yo-yo'ing. Can't you just imagine the trailer? "If you liked 'Blades of Glory' and 'Talladega Nights,' you'll love 'Pro-Yo: The Lucky Meisenheimer movie -Hangin' by a String.'
In the off-chance you haven't yet seen the world's largest functional wooden yo-yo (six feet in diameter), it'll be there!

A master Duncan yo-yo demonstrator will also be on hand to show you some "wild yo-yo tricks" including the ever-popular "walk the dog," and "rock the baby." How savage!

Only in Orlando.

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