Monday, January 28, 2008

Which is worse: Drinking suntan lotion while driving drunk or punching a horse in the neck?

This sweet-and-innocent-looking young lady is a horse puncher.

Really - she punched a police horse in the neck on Saturday night in Tampa outside a bar. Not particularly relevant, other than the fact that a man named Rick Keller was also listed in the report as having been arrested for an "offense against an animal". How ironic that our U.S. Congressman here in Central Florida is a man named Ric Keller!

Hopefully the "k" missing from the end of our prestigious lawmaker's name is just enough to distance himself from a scandal involving "violating animals."

THAT would be almost as atrocious as a former city councilman being arrested for DUI while drinking suntan lotion at the scene of a crash.

photo courtesy of MSNBC

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