Thursday, February 14, 2008

All the attitude, half the Aqua Net...

I spent my Valentine's Day with HIM -
Yes, I joined my fellow camouflage/flannel wearing friends at the Amway Arena last night for the big Van Halen concert. Although David Lee Roth wasn't looking quite as Farrah as he did in days gone by, the fact that he wore striped leather pants, a polka dot shirt and a red lion tamer's hat helped me get over the sadness of missing that Brett Michaels concert last month outside of the Jimmy Neutron attraction at Universal Studios.
On the plus side, I had 8th row seats! In the negative column - I danced a lot and wore earplugs.

The concert had a lot of what you'd expect - high kicks from Dave, a crowd of people throwing devil horns, a few guys sporting rat tails, and the smell of ganja in the air.

This, however, was a bit disturbing...
Not so much because he's a 6 year-old asleep in a chair at a Van Halen concert on a school's disturbing because he had better seats than me.
2nd photo courtesy of creative loafing

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