Monday, February 4, 2008

A "bow and arrow event" without bows and arrows...

If you love Valentine's Day and you can't get enough of sappy cliches, you'll definitely want to head to Cypress Gardens. "Love is in the air", they promise on their website - "Start the magic all over again at our Valentine's Day Headquarters."

Sounds hot, hey?

This is all part of the "Bows and Arrows" event that runs from February 14th thru the 16th. Don't get all worked up, though, thinking it's a couple's archery gala. There are no bows and no arrows, and really nothing to do with bows or arrows, according to the website. Somebody just decided it's a great name for an event.

But, for $19.95, you can "renew your vows in one of the most beautiful places on earth." No dummy, not Machu Picchu! The most beautiful place on earth just so happens to be a theme park off Highway 540 in Polk County. Thank goodness there's a commemorative photo op (Or as they call it on the website, a "comemoritive" photo). As you renew your vows alongside other sweaty couples from the midwest and abroad, a photographer will be on hand to "capture the magic." Plus, you get a "I renewed my vows at Cypress Gardens" certificate, suitable for framing. Bet you think I'm kidding, right? Check fo yo-self!

More good news: Cypress Gardens splurged on a romantic chocolate fountain for the event. The bad news: there's a "nominal fee" to dip fruit into it.


Anonymous said...

I love this. Do you have to prove that you really were married and are truly renewing or can someone just shacking up join in and get a certificate too? How cool to have an official document suitable for framing to put over the bed. Fabulous! Happy Valentine's Day?!

startlingmoniker said...

You have to love their musical attractions as well.

I dig how they describe BJ Thomas: "Thomas achieved mainstream success again in 1968, with the single "Hooked on a Feeling", which featured the sound of an electric guitar."

The sound of an electric guitar? In 1968?! He was SO ahead of his time, haha. I may have to freakin' fly in for that show.