Friday, February 22, 2008

Check out These Melons!

A few updates for you from the Tacky Fabulous "World Record Department". For starters, "the World's Biggest Tea Party" is set for this weekend at Silver Spurs Arena. It's the "My Little Pony Live" event featuring Pinkie Pie and Minty performing "Shake Your Cutie." Sounds spectacular, but I can't follow up last week's Van Halen concert experience with that.

Also, a big congratulations to Disney for a tomato plant that set the World Record for "largest harvest from a single vine" (1,151 pounds). The cucumber tree made it into the record books, as well, and if that weren't enough, Disney is having great success growing Mickey melons. (Speaking of Mickey Melons, I heard she may be teaming up with Jenna Jameson for a new straight-to-vid flick. How fantastic would that be?)

According to the Disney website, the blending of horticulture and entertainment has sparked a hot new trend called "horti-tainment" - described as "the creation of some of the the most visually interesting fruits and vegetables found under one roof anywhere in the world."

Not since Jason Biggs warmed up to an apple dessert in American Pie has produce been this exciting!


moremeatperinch said...

Actually, Jenna has retired and had her implants removed. Imdb does list Mickey Melons, though! He directed big boob squirting nurses...I kid you not.

moremeatperinch said...

Alas, Jenna has retired.

iMdb does list a Mickey Melons, though! He directed big boob squirting nurses.

I kid you not.