Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Discount Nikes and Freebird on the harp

Without bogging you down in all the technical details, let me just explain that sociologists have discovered a phenonemon whereby cities can actually become overloaded with culture, at which point it's inhabitants can't swing a dead fried squirrel without hitting something related to the arts. That's exactly what has happened in Orlando in recent years.

It's no longer necessary to visit the theme parks, or even International Drive, for world class entertainment. Tacky Fabulous correspondent Tim from Funkee Munkee Land has found the latest cultural contribution: a Rock-Star-Harp-Playing-Guy outside the Premium Outlets. This picture alone speaks volumes, but Tim said it's really worth catching a live performance.

"He has all the rock star moves, including the forward lean on the front leg to the beat of the music with the extended lean for musical emphasis...the one-handed solo, the crotch grinding motions for the really intense musical moments and the final exasperated release of the instrument at the end of the song because he has just poured out his heart and soul through his rock harp."
If the whole thing leaves you wanting more, the good news is that Rock-Star-Harp-Guy is selling his CD's, too - just in time for Valentine's Day.

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