Monday, February 25, 2008

Elvis' Nurse Has Left the Building...

Potential suitors beware...when you leave it up to me to decide what to do over the weekend, I WILL ALWAYS pick an Elvis memorabilia convention in the meeting room of a motel in Kissimmee.

That's how I rolled on Saturday at the 29th Annual Elvis Festival in the Radisson WorldGate to benefit one of my very favorite local charities - The Russell Home.

I knew I was in the right place when I entered the lobby, proceeded onward to the ladies room and saw a hand-written flyer for the event taped to the paper towel machine. As a publicist, I recognize a smart marketing tool when I see one; only people who wash their hands use the paper towel machines, thus if they don't wash their hands, you don't want them to see your flyer because you don't want them touching your Elvis memorabilia - DUH!!

On hand at the event - Elvis' innermost circle of friends and confidantes, including his nurse and someone who was once in a movie The King was in - just in a different scene. The guy, below, in the patriotic lid was once the co-pilot of the Elvis plane. The other guy is just your average snappy-dressing Orlando citizen.
The people were so super nice there and I even got a free Elvis sticker and a cassette tape called "A Visit with Elvis" by Charlotte Wilson. Ta Dah! I'm going to try and find someone with a cassette player so I can listen to it.
In the negative column was the fact that the Radisson convention hall smelled like old people. Understand, I LOVE old people and have even gotten up-close to several, but in large groups they tend to give off the strong aroma of Old Spice mixed with Dinty Moore canned-something-or-other. It's hard to explain. I'm definitely not blaming this group, because there was a craft convention held at the Radisson a few weeks earlier, so I'm pretty sure it was a left-over odor from another event.

Last but not least, the theme for the 2008 Elvis Orlando event was "Speedway." Here is the official song, from my program.

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