Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Further Proof That Orlando is the Headquarters for Crappy

The Crappie USA tournament took place in Sanford on Lake Monroe over the weekend. It was a regional wildcard event, so you know. According to Seminole Magazine, this is "the third time there has been a Crappie Event at Lake Monroe." Ummm...I think that's a pretty humble estimate, especially if you're including that 3 day music extravaganza last year that attracted a total of 40 people - it sucked out loud.

I love the new RiverWalk there in Sanford, though!

If I sound a bit jaded about the crappy tournament , it's just because I'm jealous. As thrilling and exciting as it is to be the President of Tacky Fabulous Enterprises, I have come to find out there is a guy who has an even cooler title than mine: Larry Stephens is the National Promotions Director for Crappie USA, a division of the American Crappy Association. He also oversees events for Crappy Kids.

The organization has an online crappy store with a bunch of crappy merchandise, like crappy hats, crappy jewelry, and crappy books.
And they even have Crappy Recipes, including "Grandma Grant's Corn Flake Crappie," which I can appreciate because I come from a long line of crappy cooks.

photo courtesy of fish 'n flush


DaveX said...

It's a cheap laugh, like finding "bung" in the dictionary in 4th grade... but a laugh nonetheless.

For more of the same joke, see Chevy Chase in Vegas Vacation-- "the dam bridge, the dam gift store" etc...

Tacky Fabulous said...

Hey Dave - stay tuned for more cheap, sophomoric humor...I got a really great hot dog pic this week from the Weenie Wagon stand!