Saturday, February 23, 2008

That was a rockin' appearance on Good Morning America - but can you fetch a newspaper?

It's almost impossible to open up the Orlando Sentinel lately and not see a story about "Tiny Dancer," the Lake County Chihuahua who is NOT the world record holder in the category of Smallest Dog.

As the "not quite" smallest dog in the world, Tiny is truly Orlando's media darling. He or she has made the front page of the Sentinel web page twice in the past week (including "Top Story" location on Friday). Go ahead and do a search, and you'll find a 16-image photo spread, including Tiny in a birthday hat, Tiny next to three cans of high-priced dog food, Tiny sniffing out the perfect spot to pee, and Tiny in a shirt that says "size doesn't matter."

There are no less than THREE full-length articles on Tiny in the past 9 months - the most recent falls under the heading, "Tiny Dancer Gets Job Skills After Losing Guinness Title". While you're on the site, check out the THREE professionally shot and edited videos of Tiny, including a soundbite from the Executive Director of the International Association of Canine Professionals. This is serious stuff.

Mitch English, the Orlando-based weather guy from the TV Show "The Daily Buzz" has dreams of getting one-quarter the attention Tiny Dancer commands in this town. At this point, Mitch's PR team has suggested he try talking more about Tiny Dancer so as to be quoted by Sentinel reporters in articles about Tiny.

Don't get me wrong - that dog is phenomenal and an awesome role model for all Central Florida canines, but Tiny stories are almost as played out out as Britney Spears, so until there's an expose about how he's getting it on with Rover Dance, I'm done reading!

Tiny photo courtesy of Tom Benitez/Orlando Sentinel
Bob Dance's dog and beautiful granddaughter at Bob Dance
Mitch English is that Jackass From TV

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