Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Abe Vigoda!

Whew! I'm blogging just under the wire here to wish Abe Vigoda a very happy birthday! For all you wise asses who are going to chime in about him being dead, he's clearly not...he's alive, well, and staying in touch with friends on his myspace page.

Not that I should ever have to explain myself when talking about Abe Vigoda, but for the sake of keeping things topical to this site, let me point out that Abe does have an Orlando connection: On November 8, 1976, he appeared on a Dean Martin special. On December 19, 1976, Tony Orlando was on the Dean Martin Show, which makes Abe Vigoda only 2 degrees from Orlando.

As a side note: I went to the Orlando Elvis Convention this some great pics....I'll post them tomorrow.

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