Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He flashed his dough & nuts

It was a busy day for the freak regime in Central Florida. First, there was the guy in Lake Mary who went to the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru in his red corvette and picked up his latte while doing the no-pants-dance...FOUR TIMES!

Alarming, don't you agree? That's a ton of caffeine!

Sure it's sexy, but clearly, he didn't get the memo that "No Pants Day" falls on May 8th this year.

But what really makes this tale twice as nice is the fact that less than one day earlier and 30 miles away, a dude in Titusville was found drunk and naked (drak-ed) in Chain of Lakes Park, tapping a kidney from the top of a watchtower, while spectators looked on in amazement at his homemade fountain act.

As a side note, Donald Duck does not wear pants either, which I see as a ringing endorsement for this type of lewd behavior in Orlando.
photos courtesy of www.nopantsday.com and Disney (those are two separate entities)

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