Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hips don't lie - neither do ukuleles.

In a city based on "authentically faux experiences," I'm very happy to report on something that is the real deal.

This past weekend, we made the trek to Disney for their Saturday morning hula dance class (10am -noon) at the Polynesian Resort. I was entirely expecting some 19 year-old mainlander named Madysson to lead the whole thing, but was pleasantly surprised when Auntie Kaui arrived on the scene, ukulele in hand.
If you want to learn to shake your money maker old-school, this is the chick to show you how to do it. Auntie Kaui's got 50 years experience, so without giving away a lady's age, that makes her older than Disney World itself (but still younger than the city of St. Augustine).

She taught us a few shakes, we did some chants, and Disney provided a wardrobe of leis and grass skirts for everyone. Other than the fact that they made me wear a T-shirt under my coconut bra, it's about as close as you can get to real luau training in the lobby of a to a sweaty, fat guy in a Green Bay Packers Jersey.

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