Sunday, February 10, 2008

In the good old days, you could watch Nitro "breakthrough and conquer" up-close while eating chicken nuggets in Kissimmee

As further testament to how truly important Orlando is in terms of pop culture, we were a stop on the tour for American Gladiator auditions this past weekend. "Big, bad athletic types" with an affinity for spandex were invited to attend.

The physical challenges were clearly less daunting than the application, which included questions like, " Have you ever had a temporary or permanent restraining order entered against you?" And then there was the section on the 8th page where applicants were asked to rate themselves on their "ability to manipulate people, street fight and tempt the opposite sex." Had I known all those great guys were going to be in one place, I would have gone trolling for dates!

Also interesting: according to the Orlando Sentinel Theme Park Rangers, Kissimmee was once home to the American Gladiators Dinner Show. Shockingly, it didn't last long, and the building now houses a church. (Not just any church - the Rock Church)

I don't understand how this attraction didn't survive...who wouldn't want to dine in the Gladiator arena? Maybe it's because Adonis wasn't around then, serving up lines like: "I'm agile like a mongoose!" But then, there was that heavenly-mulletted hero Malibu...


Matt said...

You can see some pictures from the auditions here:

DaveX said...

As Malibu so succinctly put it-- "Sweet!"