Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kicking it old school at Albertson's...

I love the "one-step up from food stamps" program at Albertson's grocery store. Thanks to their incentive plan for preferred shoppers, I have a complete set of bakeware, pots & pans...and I'm on my way to a new set of dishes. If all goes well, they'll offer up glassware soon, and my guests will be able to drink out of something other than plastic cups and ceramic mugs.

Here's the catch though: Albertson's uses these really prehistoric "saver stamps" that you've got to lick. Licking stamps is soooo 1970! My Mom used to lick her green stamps, as did her mother before her.

I'm as excited about licking paper from the cashier's drawer as the cashier is about being on the receiving end of my saliva sample when it's all over. After I've filled up my form, she has the enviable chore of piling her "spit on paper" collection into orderly stacks to be handed off to management.

Ummmm, excuse me...It's flu season - would it be too much to ask for self-adhesive products?

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