Saturday, February 16, 2008

More fun from Daytona Speedway

Love is in the air at the Daytona 500. The matching his/hers "No Fear" pit crew jackets can only mean one thing - it's wedding time!

Congrats to the happy couple who said their "I-Do's" on the infield this week.

Most members of the congregation have been perched on top of RV's for the better part of the past week, but not Renaissance man John Parker of St. Pete, who rolls a little more low-key. Mr. Parker told the Orlando Sentinel he sleeps in a tent and showers with "water piped in from a garbage can heated by a turkey fryer."

Don't worry if you're not a race fan, there's lots of other fun stuff to do for Speed Week. For example, the old "put a dollar bill on the end of a fishing line and see who tries to pick it up" trick is good for hours of fun. Or, for the more mechanically inclined, install a wireless microphone into a taxidermied deer head and surprise passers-by with wiseass comments, just like Bucky Buck does.

This is Bucky Buck.

He's got a great line for people who come through the area wearing camouflage (which is every 24 seconds).

"Are you trying to hide from me?" Bucky says.

Get it? It's hunting humor.

Wish you were here!

photos courtesy of Barbara Perez, Orlando Sentinel

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