Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Please come to Florida for a lap dance - Grandpa wants to see the new Rambo movie.

Here's an interesting concept one Florida lawmaker is trying to push through: tax the strip clubs, and in turn, send the money to nursing homes to boost the allowances of patients on Medicare.

The money would go toward things like haircuts and movie tickets, and would come from things like "lingerie, bikini or nude modeling; body shampoos or scrubs; private shower shows; peep shows; nude, seminude or topless dancing; nude, seminude or topless waitressing; lap, friction, couch or table dancing; erotic massages or performances; nude photo sessions; and personal escort services.''

The "friction" thing interests that so wrong?

Hopefully, they'll allow for different levels of sponsorship. For example, if you make a sizeable donation in the VIP room of the Doll House, one senior could upgrade to hair color services or a perm. Fun!

Then, maybe, if that tax works out, we could extend into other areas previously considered taboo. For example, the state could recognize gay marriage, then tax the happy couple and use the proceeds to feed shelter animals.

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DaveX said...

Or maybe they could reach out to do one of those "a-thon" formats for raising money-- "With each time I smack a ho, I'll be contributing 25 cents to orphans! Keep Florida and my pimp hand strong!"