Friday, February 8, 2008

Please join me in welcoming "Oink the singing pig" from the Pork Chop Revue

There is nothing more tacky fabulous than a county fair - except maybe a carnival in the parking lot of a mall. I love those!

The Osceola County Fair is going on right now (until February 17th). So much to do, including a "religious rap music show" tomorrow at 3pm. The Pork Chop Revue is scheduled for 2, 4, 7 and 9pm, featuring Cousin Grumpy and Oink the singing pig. Singing what, you ask? "Old MacDonald had a farm," of course!

I'm also interested in seeing the sheep breeding show, listed on this page. What a great educational opportunity for the little ones! Also, make sure to check out the heifer grooming exhibit, Michelle's magical poodles show, the citrus tree contest, and antique tractor pull. Yee Haw!

It wouldn't be a legitimate county fair without a "Cutest Baby Contest." In this one, participants are judged in two categories - personality and western wear - the most important things on which to judge people throughout all stages of life. According to the rules, (of which there is only one), the "no removal of clothes policy" will be strictly enforced.


photo courtesy of Abiline Reporter News


Anonymous said...

Yee-Haw! About sums it up, eh? The midway was really a walk down memory lane for me...most of those rides are 40 years old!

At any rate, I have really been enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I doubt I have ever poured you an "old man drink", as you put it, as I work at the crab house restaurant on Palm Parkway. It's mostly a service bar job where I make drinks for the waitstaff, and it's not exactly a hotspot for fun and good times. We are next to kitty o'shea's pub, so the beautiful people go there. I get to wait on all the old, grouchy, penny-pinching tourists and businessmen. Still, I love my job. Can't you tell?