Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ponch does Orlando: But these CHiPs are Tortillas

The Orange County Sheriff's Department has me all messed up. Ever since their deputies started dressing in costumes to target speeders, I don't know who to trust anymore.

I think this is a copper,

and this is just a guy trying to drum up tax business.

So, that makes this a man who took an oath to serve and protect,

and this...this would be....
um...I don't know?! He was on 434 in Longwood today, either stealthily writing tickets, or trying to sell tacos, but I don't know which. I circled him a few times, and got close enough to see that chicken #2 has definitely seen better days, and Poncherello's moustache was drawn on with magic marker. He also told me to be careful taking pictures while driving because he didn't want me to get into an "accidento." Hmmm....

photo #1 courtesy of Local 6
photo #3 courtesy of Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel

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