Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ripped from the Headlines: "There is somebody who is taping women's rear ends"

Don't get confused like I did...the person doing the taping is not using masking tape or even the duct variety. The perp in question is VIDEOtaping rear-ends, which makes the whole thing much less interesting.

In spite of the ho-hum nature of this Orlando-based story, it seems to be gaining popularity this week, making its way through the local news channels and even to the networks, under the heading : "UCF Police Warn of Backside Photographer".
"Disturbing"..."Creepy Voyeur Terrorizing Campus"..."Outrage"...

Sure, I agree, it's definitely a dude with too much free time (we'll agree it's a dude, right?), but he was shooting the videos in public places, not with some icky toilet cam or the old mirror-on-the-shoe trick. These were girls (and a few guys) just hanging out in public places wearing their everyday duds. Is that really terrorizing? Not any more terrorizing than watching CNN run the same "obesity" footage with the anonymous "from the waist to the knees" pix. How come nobody's calling out Dr. Sanjay Gupta?

The irony, of course is that every news organization that ran this story used their own video of coed butts and broadcast them to a much larger audience than would have ever seen the clips on the internet.
I challenge you to find any of the 100 videos. Trust me, I googled every possible variation of the word "butt" and came up with nothing! There is, however, one unfortunate person on the UCF campus with the last name BUTTS, and there are plenty of stories about UCF teams getting their ASSES kicked and being at the BOTTOM of some rankings. Booty, hiney, badunkadunk, posterior, arse, bootay, buns, junk in the trunk...nothing!

So the real tragedy here is that someone took the time to shoot hours of video and post it online, but made no effort in the marketing of the piece. There are plenty of places where he could have found information on how to quickly and easily move his vids up in the Google rankings. What could have been the successor to the Girls Gone Wild empire (which was named by USA Today as one of the '25 trends that changed America') will now just be chalked up as a big PR flop.

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